Effects of Mag Ban – ESSB 5078

The full effects of ESSB 5078 are numerous and are detailed below.

Bill: ESSB 5078 passed 3/4/2022 after 11:00PM. Passed along party lines, with only two courageous Democrats voting no.
Effective Date: July 1, 2022
Banned: Any magazine or device with more than 10 rounds of ammunition
Grandfathered: Anything owned prior to July 1, 2022 is allowed
Enforcement: Really only at dealer level. Out of state companies will violate law if they direct ship
Use of Magazines: Yes, they can still be used anywhere currently legal
Proof of Ownership: Not required
LE or Military Exemptions: No. Departments and MIL units can use, but individual officers or military members cannot purchase, import, or transfer them.
Import Ban: No person may enter the state with a magazine greater than 10 rounds. Including non Washington LE, competitors, sales people or trainers. WA residents may return with magazines they owned previously, but not new ones. New residents cannot bring existing magazines into the state.
Transfer/Loan/Gift: Not allowed under any circumstances
Pawn Redemptions: Transfer not allowed after July 1, 2022
Heirs/Estates: Transfer not allowed after July 1, 2022
Manufacturing/Repair: Parts for magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds are prohibited
Sales out of State: Dealers, individuals, and distributors may sell out of state, however not online.
Existing Inventories: Cannot be sold after July 1, 2022
Legal Challenges: Two under consideration with SCOTUS (NY & MD), third pending (CA)