Getting Involved

You can call the legislative hotline directly to leave comments on bills at: 1-800-562-6000.
You can contact your legislators on bills directly in the links below, and you can also find more information about finding out who your legislators are and alternative ways to contact them on the Contacting Legislators page.
Additionally, if you are interested in participating in public hearings on bills, you can visit the Testifying in Olympia page for more information.

Proposed Firearm Legislation for 2021

Bill Docs Description Status Updated Sponsor Contact Reps
HB 1026 Docs Firearm rights restoration H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-11 (Walen) Comment
HB 1038 Docs Firearm possession/crimes H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-11 (Walen) Comment
HB 1133 Docs Lost or stolen firearms H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-11 (Berry) Comment
HB 1134 Docs Forfeited firearms/WSP H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-11 (Berry) Comment
HB 1164 Docs Firearm safety H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-12 (Valdez) Comment
SHB 1169 Docs Sentencing enhancements H Rules C 2021-01-29 PS(Goodman) Comment
SHB 1181 Docs Veterans & military suicide H Approps 2021-01-28 HHSV(Orwall) Comment
HB 1229 Docs Assault weapons H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-18 (Peterson) Comment
HB 1234 Docs Weapons/government buildings H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-18 (Senn) Comment
SHB 1282 Docs Earned time H Approps 2021-02-11 PS(Simmons) Comment
SHB 1283 Docs Criminal mischief/weapons H Rules R 2021-02-10 CRJ(Senn) Comment
HB 1313 Docs Local gov firearm regulation H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-20 (Hackney) Comment
E2SHB 1320 Docs Civil protection orders C 215 L 21 2021-02-22 APP(Goodman) Comment
HB 1481 Docs School employees/firearms H Civil R & Judi 2021-02-03 (Chase) Comment
ESSB 5038 Docs Open carry of weapons C 261 L 21 2021-01-28 LAW(Kuderer) Comment
SSB 5078 Docs Firearm safety S Rules X 2021-01-28 LAW(Liias) Comment
SB 5095 Docs Pistol license records S State Govt & E 2021-01-11 (Wagoner) Comment
SB 5187 Docs Clay targets/sales tax S Rules 2 2021-01-13 (Fortunato) Comment
SB 5217 Docs Assault weapons S Law & Justice 2021-01-14 (Kuderer) Comment
SB 5285 Docs Earned time S Human Svcs, Re 2021-01-19 (Nguyen) Comment
SB 5297 Docs Civil protection orders S Law & Justice 2021-01-20 (Dhingra) Comment
SB 5407 Docs Firearm theft S Law & Justice 2021-02-02 (Wilson, L.) Comment
SJR 8205 Docs Right to possess firearms S Law & Justice 2021-02-03 (Fortunato) Comment
ESHB 1054 Docs Peace officer tactics, equip C 320 L 21 2021-01-22 PS(Johnson, J.) Comment
ESSB 5263 Docs Personal injury defenses C 325 L 21 2021-02-04 LAW(Frockt) Comment