They asked, let’s answer

KOMO News asked, let’s give them our response! It seems only reasonable that we provide our feedback. This is an opportunity to give the public that knows no better a reason for pause. A chance to challenge the bias that has been put forward by “champions of gun responsibility.” If you have a Twitter account, let […]

EAOD-14: URGENT: Hammer the Weakest House Ds RIGHT NOW!

Call/email your D Representatives RIGHT NOW and demand a NO VOTE ON SB 5078. Email/call the WEAKEST D Representatives TODAY! The opposition just sent out an email and text begging the anti-gunners to call their reps and beg to pass the magazine ban bill, SB 5078. Let’s DROWN THEM OUT! We need you to call […]

Vote NO on 5078

EAOD 10: Call your D rep today: VOTE NO on SB 5078 Mag ban

Bombard your D representatives TODAY and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 5078, banning magazines over 10 rounds Your D representatives in the House could vote on the magazine ban at any time. We had over 15,000 people sign in against the magazine ban. Let’s bombard them with everything we have and demand a […]


BOMBARD SENATE LAW & JUSTICE COMMITTEE (D) MEMBERS TODAY The semi-auto rifle ban(5217) and destroying state preemption (5568)WILL BE CONSIDERED ON 1/27 Contact the (D)committee members TODAY demanding they VOTE NO on SB 5217 and5568 And then get 3 other friends to do thesame!We MUST stop this now!Share with ALL to push back HARD and […]


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