Use your skills to help gun-owners defend their lives, loved ones, and their rights!

Volunteers have been an invaluable part of WCRA since our inception. We’re different from the other folks. We’re all about action-not selling t-shirts or spamming your inbox begging for dollars every other day. Volunteers are essential to our work–we can’t run this without you! 

The Washington Civil Rights Association is a grassroots organization created to give under-represented firearms owners a voice in Olympia. We help defend what’s yours: your life, your loved ones, and your rights.  

We are purposefully and decidedly apolitical. We’re not represented by a party, nor do we necessarily align with any political party. We do, however, care deeply and passionately about civil rights and especially our 2nd Amendment to the Constitution as enumerated in the Bill of Rights. 

There are over 600,000 CPL holders in this state, from all walks of life. Record numbers of firearms were sold in the state last year. Record numbers of people bought their first firearms last year. We need to reach them. We need everyone’s voices to collectively speak louder than those who would silence us.

Your volunteer contribution to WCRA will help strengthen your connection to the firearm community, expand your talents, gain work experience, and make friends with similar interests. 

Most importantly, you’ll be making a difference in the lives of every firearm owner in Washington State.

Current Needs

Raise your hand!

Can you help us?

Send us an email and tell us why you’d be the most awesome addition to our team!  Give us some ideas of what you’ve done, what you’re capable of, and what you’re passionate about! While not required, you’re welcome to send us a resume or other writing if it helps portray you as someone who can help us!

Writers & Authors

You’ll be part of a small team who’re dedicated to telling the REAL stories behind firearm ownership–that mainstream media doesn’t want anyone to hear. You’ll write about current events, new laws. You’ll help in researching hot topics to find REAL data on gun violence and other legislative topics and create powerful position papers. You’ll help write emails to motivate and activate more gun-owners to take a stand and get involved in contacting their legislators. You’ll write human-interest stories describing why people own and carry firearms–and why more people should do the same. You’ll help us reach the disadvantaged and bring them up to speed on how more gun laws have an outsized impact on them.  You’ll help craft Easy Actions of the ​Day to help people take bite-sized actions each day to influence politicians. 

You’ll share your masterpieces on the WCRA website and social media outlets so we can find more gun owners, give them real, unvarnished truth and help them get involved. 

You’ll help gun-owners in Washington get LOUD and make their voices heard to preserve their right to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their rights!

Reach out now and tell us how you can help!

Analytical Thinkers to Review Bills

Are you able to help review a bill? Can you wade through the BS and distill the most important changes? Can you help figure out all the unintended (or intended) consequences? If passed, how would this bill impact us, and especially how it would impact sensitive or disadvantaged groups? Well, have we a job for you!!

Reach out now and tell us how you can help!

Moderators for Discord server and/or Facebook group

We’re looking for a few great people to help us moderate the discussions on Discord and our Facebook group. If you’re familiar with discord, MEE6, or Facebook groups, and you’re not an asshole drill sergeant, contact us and let us know you can help! We don’t expect to have to be super heavy-handed. But, we won’t tolerate people who don’t follow the rules.

Social media experts to expand our reach

Are you a social media strategist, adept at online influence? Can you help us reach way more people and get them to take targeted actions?

Are you super proficient in many types of social media and can crank up our efficiency to 11?

Wow. We so want to hear how you can help us!

IT project manager to help manage volunteers working on 3-4 bigg-ish technology projects

Do you have some rich IT experience? Are you comfortable leading other volunteers? Do you thrive on maximizing everyone’s output?

We have a handful of IT projects we’re working on that we could really use some help in managing to help make sure that all the pieces are moving, resources are available, and other volunteers have everything they need to rock and roll. Because everyone is a volunteer we won’t be cracking any whips, but we will be helping to keep everyone focused and moving. Can you help us?