Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons are not Cosplaying “Rambo”

Women, BIPOC, Ethnic Minorities, and LGBTQ+ communities aren’t cosplaying Rambo. Mislabeling standard capacity magazines as “high-capacity” is malicious framing for Jim Crow politicians. Matt Driscoll’s sad opinion piece in the Tacoma News Tribune is typical of every anti-human rights prohibitionist that attempts to deny equal access to tools for self-defense to diverse communities not only […]

Reply|Rebuttal to the Seattle Times Editorial Board

Yesterday afternoon, The Seattle Times Editorial Board continued the call to action for the Washington State Legislature to violate Human Rights. [see archive link at bottom] This, honestly is of little surprise. To call the “incremental process of strengthening Washington’s gun laws” to be progress is anything but. As someone who has been on the […]

This is the voice of gun owners: Vote NO on 1705 Ghost Guns

This is the voice of gun owners challenging legislators to vote NO on ESHB 1705 banning ghost guns at the hearing in the Senate Committee on Law & Justice held on 2/21/22. We’re super honored to be working with such great citizens who’re standing up against these anti-gun politicians who’ll stop at nothing to take […]

Advocates Break State Records in Opposition to Magazine Ban

Today, pro-2A advocates have again set a HUGE state record for the number of people signing in to oppose ESSB 5078, banning magazines over 10 rounds. Below is a brilliant bit of data analysis created by Aaron Lyons with the Washington Civil Rights Association. Be aware, it takes a moment to load, but it is […]

Kuderer: Guns are not women's issues

Kuderer Strikes Again – “Guns are not a woman’s issue”

We hear countless stories from women that contradict this notion. When women’s lives are threatened, the only “woman’s issue” that matters is the ability to defend themselves. Women testify year after year about how these restrictions from the government will only put them in harm’s way. How deaf can one be, Senator Kuderer?

Talking Points for SB 5568, Overturning State Pre-emption

SB 5568 STATE PREEMPTION WILL DESTROY YOUR GUN RIGHTS This is one of the signature bills for all the anti-gun politicians and Bloomberg-backed anti-gun organizations. But this year we need EVERYONE to get involved. And we mean EVERYONE! It is ONLY by providing a united front will we convince the in-the-middle politicians that they won’t […]

Incompatibility of Magazine Bans in Washington

Magazine bans like those contained exclusively in SB 5078, and as a part of AWB bills SB 5217 and HB 1229 are often justified with public safety as the qualifier. Magazine restrictions and bans, if passed, will have no tangible positive impact on public safety, and in a number of cases, states who have passed […]

Legislators’ Inconsistent Application Of Social Justice Principles Across Marginalized Communities

Summary & Talking Points: Many of our legislators have decried disparate impact on communities of color when describing their bills or positions In op-eds last year, Pedersen & Dhingra disclaim disparate impact of policing on marginalized communities Equity, as Governor Inslee and the supporters of social justice within the state legislature have repeatedly advocated, means […]


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