A bill has been assigned to the Rules “X” file-what does that mean?

You may have recently received a notification that a bill you’re watching was assigned to the Rules “X” file. What does that mean? No, it doesn’t mean that Scully and Mulder have been assigned to the case. Although that might be far more interesting! The short answer is “X” filing a bill is just a […]

The Fallacy of the Open Carry Ban (HB 1283 / SB 5038)

URGENT: ESSB 5038–In the House SB 5038, entitled, “Prohibiting the open carry of certain weapons at public demonstrations and the state capitol”, bill is an assault on state pre-emption and will be a nightmare for everyone involved. And it will have absolutely zero impact on public safety. This bill is very dangerous and because of […]

Giffords Gun Law Scorecard Gets an F

The Giffords Law Center publishes an annual Gun Law Scorecard which ranks states by the rate of gun deaths and provides letter grades to each state in the U.S. based on several factors including: Universal Background Checks Gun dealer licensing Assault weapon and large capacity magazine ban Handgun licensing Lost and stolen firearm reporting Handgun […]

An Honest Conversation About Assault Weapons Bans

Before we dive into this, there is a little bit you should know about me. I’m an “IT guy” by trade with 19 years in the industry at the time of this writing. The systems I help to design, implement and maintain have a direct impact on the lives of millions of people from newborn […]

The Constitutionality of High Capacity Magazine Bans

“High Capacity” magazines are quite a heated topic of conversation these days. Some people argue that there is no such thing as high capacity magazines, they are all standard capacity. Others seek to ban future sales to the civilian market and some want to go even further and confiscate them. As we go into the […]