STEP 1: Visit this link to leave a comment on HB1164:

This is the HOUSE Bill to ban magazines. Enter your address, click Verify District, select ALL your legislators with REP in front of their name (House), enter your contact information, click OPPOSE, and paste your comments (talking points below). Then click SEND COMMENT. 

STEP 2: Visit this link to leave a comment on SB5078:

This is the companion SENATE bill to ban magazines. Repeat the same process as above, but select your legislators with SEN in front of their name (Senate).


Please oppose HB 1165 (or SB 5078) relating to high capacity magazines. Magazine restrictions present a safety issue for the citizens of the State of Washington and are unconstitutional (District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570)

  • There is no data to support magazine capacity restrictions having any impact on public safety.
  • These bills would be in direct conflict of law on day one with the US 9th District Court ruling (Duncan vs Becerra, CA 2018), which determined magazine restrictions an unconstitutional restriction.
  • Magazine restrictions disproportionately affect low-income, racial, and ethnic minorities, the elderly, and people with disabilities who rely on the current standard capacity of magazines when defending themselves from multiple assailants.
  • Criminals by definition do not comply with the law and will always find a way to gain access to high capacity magazines. This bill puts more firepower into the streets while restricting law-abiding citizens’ ability to defend themselves and their loved-ones with equal protection.
  • This bill puts unnecessary financial burden on our citizens living in low-economic neighborhoods, as they would have to purchase new magazines to conform to the proposed bill. This effectively renders those affected less safe.

Feel free to add your own points as well.

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