The Washington Civil Rights Association is pleased to announce the release of our new Data Explorer tool.

This tool allows us to bring together 60 years of data that is pertinent to the gun rights conversation. The data often tells a very different story than what is portrayed by gun control lobbyists, politicians, and organizations. We are extremely happy to be able to provide this data to everyone in an easily accessible fashion to be used in their own fact finding missions.

We have collected data from a variety of sources and will continue to grow our dataset with additional relevant data. Some of the data sources we currently have available include:

  • FBI Data
    • Crime
      • Uniform Crime Reporting Data Tool
      • Uniform Crime Reporting Annual Reports
      • Crime Data Explorer
    • Background Checks
      • NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System)
  • CDC Data
    • WISQARS (Web-Based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System)
  • ATF Data
    • NFA Form Processing
    • FFLs
    • Firearms Import/Export
    • Firearms Manufacturing
    • Registered NFA Items

Data Availability and Transparency

The data sets contained in the graphs are available to view and are also available to download in CSV format to be used with your favorite spreadsheet program or be imported into your own database or data analysis tools.

If you would like to view the table data and/or download the data for your own offline use, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the heading of a chart
  2. Navigate to Inspect
  3. Click on Data

Here you can review the data in your browser window, or download it.