Contact your legislators TODAY demanding they VOTE NO on SSB 5078

We MUST stop this now or wait 10 years for court challenge!
Share with ALL to push back HARD and LOUD!

URGENT: SSB 5078 Banning magazines > 12 rounds will most likely be voted on THIS WEEK by the Senate.

Contact your Senators TODAY and demand they VOTE NO on SSB 5078!

This is one of the anti-gunner’s signature bills. They claim that it will save lives (without evidence), reduce gun violence (without a shred of evidence), and that the majority of WA supports this bill.


Contact your Senators RIGHT NOW and tell them just how wrong they are.

Note: the legislature has made it harder to contact them. They don’t want your email and have hidden them; they’re trying to force you to fill out forms instead. AND there is an error in their online forms that is assigning people to the wrong districts. We’re going around them and DIRECTLY to the legislators.

STEP 1: Visit this link to find your representative: https://wacivilrights.org/legislators/

Enter your address, click Verify District. In the new window, Jot down your legislator’s first/last name with Sen. in front of their name (Senator). There is only one. Close that window and go back to the Legislators page.

STEP 2: Click Senate Members, and scroll down or search for your legislator (the list is sorted by legislator first name).

Click on their name copy their email address. Paste it into your mail program (save it—we’ll be using it a LOT).

STEP 3: Copy and personalize your email. For Republicans, thank them for opposing (as they all will)

Subject: Use your own subject to because they WILL just delete all email with the same subject!

Senator LAST NAME, I am in in your district and I live at ADDRESS (Important! They cannot delete if you live in their district!).

Please oppose SSB 5078 that will prohibit firearm magazines in common use.

TALKING POINTS (select a couple from this list or add your own)

  1. Magazine prohibitions are almost exclusively enforced against the marginalized poor. Creating a new crime for nonviolent possession of a magazine will inequitably worsen our twin issues of over-criminalization and over-incarceration
  2. This law is ripe for abuse and will disproportionately be applied to BIPOC. Supporting these laws is supporting racism. In Illinois, 97% of people charged with concealed carry without a license were Black
  3. Magazine restrictions disproportionately affect low-income, racial, and ethnic minorities, the elderly, and people with disabilities who rely on the current standard capacity of magazines when defending themselves from multiple assailants
  4. There is no impact on violent crime. Last year, the Rand corporation reviewed scientific research on gun violence published between 1995 and 2018. They found no studies that showed in any reasonable way that public policy implementing magazine bans or semi-auto rifle bans had any impact on violent crime
  5. Magazine capacity limits failed to prevent crime in Colorado—in fact, gun homicides are UP 23%
  6. Passing a law that the Supreme Court has already indicated needs to be reviewed for constitutionality is an affront to our judicial system. New Jersey’s Magazine capacity law is currently before the US Supreme Court, pending a decision on NYSRPA v. Bruen
  7. (Feel free to add your own! More in resources links below)

Please do not eliminate Washingtonian’s rights to defend their lives or their loved ones. Please OPPOSE SB 5078.


You can find a ton of talking points here: https://bit.ly/EAOD3-Points

A summary of our opposition to the magazine ban: https://bit.ly/EAOD3-Summary

You can find the actual bill here: https://bit.ly/EAOD3-5078. Pay close attention to the striker amendment that drops magazine capacity back down to 12!

Let’s push back HARD and LOUD to show the legislators just how many of us will be voting against them at re-election time!


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