SB 5038 (Open Carry Ban) is being voted on Thursday 1/28 at 10 AM in the Senate Law & Justice Committee 
(along with SB 5078 Mag Ban)

Anti-gun folks are VERY worried; your voices are being heard loudly! 

Simply cut and paste into your email and send to these D Senators!


Subject: PLEASE OPPOSE SB 5038


 Please oppose SB 5038 prohibiting open carry. This bill directly mirrors the racism and classism of the Mulford act signed by then-governor Reagan to ban the open carry of firearms to disarm black civil rights protesters and activists in California. 

  1. This bill reduces the ability of a peaceful protestor to defend him- or herself against an overzealous police officer, counter protestor, or other attacker. 
  2. Carrying a firearm with intent to intimidate is already illegal in Washington per RCW 9.41.270
  3. Prohibiting our ability to defend our lives and those of our children within three football fields of a demonstration is egregious and unnecessary
  4. With police staffing at record low levels, there is no way to maintain a 1000’ cordon around a demonstration
  5. Federal law enforcement officers or National Guard currently stationed at the Capitol are prohibited from carrying near demonstrations
  6. Peaceful, legal open carry within public supermarkets, restaurants, shopping areas, and other public areas far removed and completely separated from a demonstration will be penalized
  7. The bill is extremely vague in what constitutes a demonstration and could easily lead to selective enforcement. 
  8. Or worse, it could be used to weaponize protests to roll up groups a protestor doesn’t like: Blacks, Asians, Latinos, LGBTQ; all they have to do is stage a protest and call the police 
  9. Because communities of color are over-policed anyway, it stands to reason that this bill will disproportionally harm them. 

Please do not advance this bill out of committee. 

Feel free to add your own points as well.

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