The left is calling any form of open carry “armed intimidation.” But we know that is just histrionics. Whether you open carry or not it doesn’t matter: we CANNOT LET them take away yet another of our rights!


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TALKING POINTS (copy or add your own so they don’t delete form letters)

Please oppose HB 1283. This bill mirrors the Mulford Act that was explicitly designed to silence black civil rights protestors. This bill could make it a felony to open-carry in a group, whereas the same activity would only be a misdemeanor if you were alone. 

  • This bill is ripe for abuse. The Black, Brown, and Asian communities are easy targets
  • It could easily be used to create an entirely new group of minority felons who cannot vote and have other civil rights stripped from them 
  • If one person in a heated discussion open carries and is deemed to be threatening, will everyone else involved be charged with a felony? 
  • If someone sees a firearm in a group and misinterprets open carry as brandishment (very common, even with law enforcement), the entire group could be charged with a felony, making it easy to target a minority group with whom you disagree. 
  • Brandishing a weapon is already illegal under RCW 9.41.270. This bill does nothing but make something MORE illegal.

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Let’s push back HARD and LOUD! 

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