SIGN IN AGAINST HB 1618, 1630, & 1705

Testify, submit written testimony, or just ensure your position (CON/AGAINST) is noted for the record!

Each of these are being heard by House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee on 1/12.


Help get 500 people to push back


URGENT: The first anti-gun bills will be heard on Wednesday, 1/12, at 10 am!

We need you to sign in as OPPOSED, and help us get 500 people signed in to also oppose!

Testimony on the first bills begins on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, in the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee.

Visit here to sign in:

Select Committee=Civil Rights & Judiciary, Meetings = 1/12/2022; Select HB 1618, and select I would like my position noted…. (or you can submit written testimony!), on the next screen choose Position = CON. Fill in your name and information (so they can determine which district you’re in (and which legislators should really care about your position and that you’re actually a WA resident), and then come back and do it again for HB 1630 and HB1705.

We have an urgent need for people to testify on these bills. If you would like to testify, please send me a couple of your talking points asap as we’re collecting a panel of those with the best points and the best ability to convey a powerful message.

  1. HB1618 Prohibiting weapons at election-related offices,
  2. HB1630 Restrictions on the possession of weapons in certain locations,
  3. HB1705 Concerning ghost guns,

If you’re testifying, download your super cool WCRA ZOOM backgrounds here:

Let’s push back HARD and LOUD to show the legislators just how many of us there are!


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Your voice absolutely matters. We only win if you take action! This year we’re more organized and active than ever. How do we know? The anti-gun lobby is sending out impassioned pleas to their base, begging them to get more involved. They’re afraid of your voice. Let’s get louder. Let’s bring our friends in to make even more noise.

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