2022 Legislative Session Kickoff

The 2022 legislative session officially starts Tuesday 1/11 and there isn’t much of a stay of execution for gun owners this year. The first gun control bills will have a public hearing on Wednesday 1/12 in the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee at 10:00 AM. Three new bills that were pre-filed this year will be heard. These are:

  • HB 1618 – Banning weapons at election related offices
  • HB 1630 – Restricting weapons in certain locations
  • HB 1705 – Banning “Ghost Guns”

Remote Testimony and Check In

Whether you want to actually testify on these bills, or just log your position on them for the official record, you can do so by visiting the House Committee Sign In page which is available now.

Check out the Easy Action of the Day for more information.

Contacting Representatives

As always it’s important for all of us to let our representatives and the committee members know that we oppose these bills. Unless we speak up, our voices don’t get heard!

Finding Representatives

Locate your representatives with this tool:

Street Address: City: Zip:

House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee

Email the committee members

What We’re Expecting in 2022

Bob Furgeson’s #1 priority remains, as always, banning magazines and “assault weapons.” We’re expecting the bills that didn’t move last year to get a renewed push this year.

While there have only been a handful of bills pre-filed for the session, it’s certainly possible that additional bills will be submitted throughout the session. All the gun-control bills that did not pass or fail last year will carry over as well as we’re in the second year of the 2021-2022 biennium. So be on the lookout for old bills to filter into committee meetings and public hearings.

2022 Bills

Bill Docs Description Status Updated Sponsor Contact Reps
HB 1026 Docs Firearm rights restoration H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-11 (Walen) Comment
HB 1038 Docs Firearm possession/crimes H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-11 (Walen) Comment
ESHB 1054 Docs Peace officer tactics, equip C 320 L 21 2021-01-22 PS(Johnson, J.) Comment
HB 1133 Docs Lost or stolen firearms H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-11 (Berry) Comment
HB 1134 Docs Forfeited firearms/WSP H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-11 (Berry) Comment
HB 1164 Docs Firearm safety H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-12 (Valdez) Comment
ESHB 1169 Docs Sentencing enhancements H Rules 3C 2021-01-29 PS(Goodman) Comment
E2SHB 1181 Docs Veterans & military suicide C 191 L 22 2022-02-07 APP(Orwall) Comment
HB 1229 Docs Assault weapons H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-18 (Peterson) Comment
HB 1234 Docs Weapons/government buildings H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-18 (Senn) Comment
SHB 1282 Docs Earned time H Approps 2021-02-11 PS(Simmons) Comment
SHB 1283 Docs Criminal mischief/weapons H Rules C 2021-02-10 CRJ(Senn) Comment
HB 1313 Docs Local gov firearm regulation H Civil R & Judi 2021-01-20 (Hackney) Comment
E2SHB 1320 Docs Civil protection orders C 215 L 21 2021-02-22 APP(Goodman) Comment
HB 1481 Docs School employees/firearms H Civil R & Judi 2021-02-03 (Chase) Comment
HB 1618 Docs Election offices/weapons H Civil R & Judi 2022-01-10 (Berg) Comment
ESHB 1630 Docs Weapons/certain meetings C 106 L 22 2022-01-21 CRJ(Senn) Comment
HB 1634 Docs Law enf. officers/firearms H Public Safety 2022-01-10 (Klippert) Comment
HB 1692 Docs Drive-by shooting H Public Safety 2022-01-10 (Simmons) Comment
SHB 1697 Docs Online services/minors H Approps 2022-01-19 CPB(Leavitt) Comment
ESHB 1705 Docs Untraceable guns C 105 L 22 2022-01-21 CRJ(Berry) Comment
HB 1719 Docs Military equipment/law enf. C 3 L 22 2022-01-10 (Bronoske) Comment
HB 1737 Docs Public safety H Public Safety 2022-01-10 (Mosbrucker) Comment
SHB 1759 Docs School websites/drug info. H Rules 3C 2022-01-27 ED(Callan) Comment
SHB 1901 Docs Civil protection orders C 268 L 22 2022-01-28 CRJ(Goodman) Comment
HB 2036 Docs Law enf. agency equipment H Public Safety 2022-01-18 (Klippert) Comment
HB 2081 Docs Voter reg./firearm app. H State Govt & T 2022-01-24 (Young) Comment
HB 2094 Docs Early release/firearm enhan. H Public Safety 2022-01-26 (Graham) Comment
ESSB 5038 Docs Open carry of weapons C 261 L 21 2021-01-28 LAW(Kuderer) Comment
ESSB 5078 Docs Large capacity magazines C 104 L 22 2021-01-28 LAW(Liias) Comment
SB 5095 Docs Pistol license records S State Govt & E 2021-01-11 (Wagoner) Comment
SB 5187 Docs Clay targets/sales tax S Rules X 2021-01-13 (Fortunato) Comment
SB 5217 Docs Assault weapons S Law & Justice 2021-01-14 (Kuderer) Comment
SB 5285 Docs Earned time S Human Svcs, Re 2021-01-19 (Nguyen) Comment
SB 5297 Docs Civil protection orders S Law & Justice 2021-01-20 (Dhingra) Comment
SB 5407 Docs Firearm theft S Law & Justice 2021-02-02 (Wilson, L.) Comment
SB 5491 Docs Waiver of firearm rights S Rules 3 2022-01-10 (Pedersen) Comment
ESB 5561 Docs Firearm rights restoration S Rules 3 2022-01-10 (Dhingra) Comment
SSB 5568 Docs Open weapon carry/local laws S Rules X 2022-01-27 LAW(Kuderer) Comment
SB 5569 Docs Public safety S Law & Justice 2022-01-10 (Padden) Comment
SB 5577 Docs Public safety S Law & Justice 2022-01-10 (Van De Wege) Comment
ESSB 5690 Docs Firearms at capitol/events S Rules 3 2022-01-27 LAW(Gildon) Comment
SB 5845 Docs Civil protection orders S Law & Justice 2022-01-13 (Dhingra) Comment
SB 5846 Docs Election offices/weapons S Law & Justice 2022-01-13 (Liias) Comment
SSB 5856 Docs Firearm transfers to museums S Rules 3 2022-02-03 LAW(Wilson, J.) Comment
SB 5865 Docs Rec. target shooting areas S Ag/Water/Natur 2022-01-14 (Sheldon) Comment
SJR 8205 Docs Right to possess firearms S Law & Justice 2021-02-03 (Fortunato) Comment
ESSB 5263 Docs Personal injury defenses C 325 L 21 2021-02-04 LAW(Frockt) Comment