Here is a marvelous little tidbit from the hearings on 1/17/22.

Not very esteemed Sen Patty Kuderer actually said, “Constitutionality is in the eye of the beholder.” Wait, wut?! Watch for yourself.

Share this far and wide.

This is what we’re up against: people who would change our constitution in any and every way they could to suit their needs.

We need EVERYONE to EMAIL THE SENATE COMMITTEE TODAY and politely but firmly DEMAND they have the courage NOT to exec SB 5217 and SB 5568 out of committee.

These politicians only care about one thing: gettting re-elected.

We need EVERYONE to help ensure that they know that if they pass these bad bills we will do EVERYTHING in our power to elect their replacements.

SB 5217: Banning semi-auto rifles–including your 10/22!

SB 5568: An assault on state preemption, allowing ANY town to create ANY gun law they wish

SB 5078: Eliminating your right to defend yourself by banning magazines > 12 rounds.

We need EVERYONE to email the Senate Committee TODAY and demand they refuse to exec SB 5217 and SB 5568 out of committee. Here are their email addresses:

Put each of these in the BCC field, or send individually!

Be sure to THANK these Rs for their support!

We have to make these legislators super uncomfortable with the racist roots of gun laws and the disproportionately large impact on communities of color who’ll bear the brunt of these regressive laws.

As Don said yesterday, these laws are ableist and classist.

Like Nathan said, an armed minority is hard to suppress.

Like Dana said, Only slave and plantation owners advocate for gun control.

Watch the fantastic videos here on SB 5568, preemption

And testimonies here on SB 5217, the semi-auto rifle ban:

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Let’s ROLL!