Yes, I am saying that the Attorney General of Washington is lying.

Yes, I am aware of the consequences if the authoritarian despot Attorney General of the State punitively responds with his office’s power; even though in the following tweets, data grabs, as well as other documentation expose the lies.

I am gathering this up (after a discussion with another pro-2A individual) to expose more to WA State residents that the assault, the real assault, against Human Rights

Multiple individuals in several tweets are here.
Data from the Uniform Crime Report
as well others bringing the data showing that every claim Bob Ferguson has made is a lie.

So, come along on the ride.

Share as needed.

The position that the Attorney General of Washington State has been compromised with the establishment that his claims are lies.

The following tweets are responses to Ferguson’s claim of 11x is the number of “assault weapons” used to kill in a mass shooting