SB 5568 destroying preemption and SSB 5078 (mag ban) could be voted on as early as Friday, 1/28
Email your (D) Senators TODAY

And then get 3 other friends to do the same!
We MUST stop this now!

Share with ALL to push back HARD and LOUD!

Email your (D) Senators TODAY and demand they VOTE NO on SSB 5078 (Mag ban) and SB 5568 (Preemption)!

SB 5568 was voted out of committee on 1/27, and it, along with SSB 5078, could be voted on at any time on the Senate floor. Possibly as early as Friday afternoon, 1/28.

Email them today. It is super easy. It’ll take 2 mins or less!

There are only 3 easy steps:

Note: the legislature has made it harder to contact them. They don’t want your email and have hidden them; they’re trying to force you to fill out forms instead. AND there is an error in their online forms that is assigning people to the wrong districts. We’re going around them and DIRECTLY to the legislators.

STEP 1: Visit this link to find your representative:

Enter your address, click Verify District. In the new window, jot down your legislator’s first/last name with Sen. in front of their name (Senator). There is only one. Close that window and go back to the Legislators page.

STEP 2: Click Senate Members, and scroll down or search for your legislator (the list is sorted by legislator first name).

Click on their name copy their email address. Paste it into your mail program (save it—we’ll be using it a LOT).

STEP 3: Copy and personalize your email.

Subject: Use your own subject to because they WILL just delete all email with the same subject!

Senator LAST NAME, My name is Jane Q. Constituent. I am in in your district and I live at ADDRESS & City. (Important! They cannot delete if you live in their district!)

(Feel free to adapt the following)

For your (D) Senators (except Tim Sheldon-he’s on our side!):

I strongly urge you to VOTE NO on SSB 5078 and SB 5568. This is one of my biggest issues. If you DO vote to pass these bills, I will do everything in my power to support your opponent in upcoming elections, including contributing financially, knocking on doors, and bringing all of my friends and coworkers in to do the same.

For your (R) Senators (and Tim Sheldon!), send something like this (after your name/address):

Thank you very much for voting NO on SSB 5078 and SB 5568. This is one of my biggest issues and I appreciate your support.

That’s it. You don’t have to do any more.

However, if you want to do more, you can tell a story of being afraid for your life due to a dangerous situation! Include how these bills will impact you, your loved ones, and your community. If you’re a woman or a minority, tell them!  

If you choose to add talking points, you’re more than welcome to do so. It can also help the (R) legislators in their hearings.

Here are some great articles with talking points:

SB 5568, Preemption: and the testimonies that were given in hearings:

SSB 5078, Mag ban:

& data showing that magazine bans have no impact on crime:

And more on the fact that gun control is inherently racist:

The anti-gun politicians care about getting reelected. And money. We need to show them LOUD AND CLEAR that we’re willing to do anything and everything in our power to “unelect” them.

Please, please, please—share this with EVERYONE. The ONLY way we’re going to win this is if EVERYONE shows up and plays HARD BALL. We need to show these elected officials that they will lose the next election if they vote for these bills!

You can find the actual Magazine ban bill here: Pay close attention to the striker amendment that drops magazine capacity back down to 12!

And the preemption bill here:

Let’s push back HARD and LOUD to show the legislators just how many of us will be voting against them at re-election time!


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