A vote is imminent on SSB 5078 & SB 5568!

Email your (D) Senators AGAIN TODAY

And then get 2 other friends to create exponential leverage!

We MUST stop this now!

Share with ALL to push back HARD and LOUD

The Senate is in session every day now. These bills could be voted on at any moment. If they don’t pass by 2/15, they’re dead.

Let’s shut ‘em down HARD!

There are only 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Visit this link to find your representative:

Enter your address, click Verify District. In the new window, jot down your legislator’s first/last name with Sen. in front of their name (Senator). There is only one. Close that window and go back to the Legislators page.

STEP 2: Click Senate Members, and scroll down or search for your legislator (the list is sorted by legislator first name).

Click on their name and copy their email address. Paste it into your mail program (save it—we’ll be using it a LOT).

STEP 3: Send the email.

Subject: Don’t make me a victim of skyrocketing crime

Senator LAST NAME, My name is Jane Q. Constituent. I am in in your district and I live at ADDRESS & City. (Important! They cannot delete if you live in their district!)

For your (D) Senators:

I strongly urge you vote NO on both SSB 5078 and SB 5568.

The Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs said murder was up 47% in WA during 2020, and manslaughter was up 100%.  (or you can use your own story/insights/data)

Don’t make our loved-ones victims of some senseless crime by passing a law that has zero impact on criminals.

Please vote NO on SSB 5078 and SB 5568.

If you vote FOR this, I will volunteer my time and my money to support the campaign of anyone who runs against you. And I will aggressively recruit all my neighbors and colleagues in your district to do the same.

For your (R) Senators, send something like this (after your name/address):

Thank you very much for voting NO on SSB 5078 and SB 5568. This is one of my biggest issues and I appreciate your support.

See? Super easy.

And here’s where we get exponential leverage! Can you ask 2 of your friends to do the same thing? Forward them this article or link! We need EVERYONE to chime in!

The anti-gun politicians care about getting reelected. And money. We need to show them LOUD AND CLEAR that we’re willing to do anything and everything in our power to “unelect” them.

Please, please, please—share this with EVERYONE. The ONLY way we’re going to win this is if EVERYONE shows up and plays HARD BALL. We need to show these elected officials that they will lose the next election if they vote for these bills!

Let’s push back HARD and LOUD to show the legislators just how many of us will be voting against them at re-election time!

Background information

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Report:

What is SSB 5078 mag ban?

It would prohibit you or your loved ones from purchasing magazines with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds to defend your lives. Can you stop a threat in < 10 rounds? Most police can’t. What if you face multiple attackers? This restriction severely limits your ability to defend your lives and those of your loved ones. & data showing that magazine bans have no impact on crime:

You can find the actual Magazine ban bill here: Pay close attention to the striker amendment that drops magazine capacity back down to 10!

What is SB 5568, Destroying preemption?

Washington State’s preemption statute was passed in 1983 to ensure firearm laws were consistent throughout the state, and changeable only by the State Legislature. Many of the 42 other states modeled their preemption laws after Washington State’s law.

Repealing preemption means that any city or town could make their own gun laws. Driving from Bellevue to Federal Way with a firearm, you could break the law in dozens of jurisdictions without even knowing it. and the testimonies that were given in hearings:

Here is the preemption bill:


Join the Conversation

Your voice absolutely matters. We only win if you take action! This year we’re more organized and active than ever. How do we know? The anti-gun lobby is sending out impassioned pleas to their base, begging them to get more involved. They’re afraid of your voice. Let’s get louder. Let’s bring our friends in to make even more noise.

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