This weekend, take this flyer to your gun shop/range and help demand a NO vote on three big bills: 1630, 1705, and 5078

We managed to get 15,000 people to sign in against the magazine ban, nearly tripling the previous state record! Let’s keep up the pressure on WA State Democrats!

We’re nearly to the end of this insane marathon. March 4th is the deadline for these bills, and March 10 is the end of the session.

These three big bills are still moving, and they could receive a floor vote as early as Monday, February 28.

We need YOU to help us out this weekend by sending your D legislators an email or calling and leaving a message demanding a NO vote on 1630, 1705, and 5078.

And we need your help in reaching more people. Can you take this flyer to your local gun shop and encourage them to hand it out to their customers?

Here’s the scoop on each bill:

ESSB 5078: Bans all magazines carrying greater than 10 rounds.

ESHB 1630: Bans weapons in any municipal building during a city/town council meeting, weapons in any building where a school board meeting is being held, and weapons in many voting-related locations.

ESHB 1705: Bans home-built firearms, and even repair of firearms by forcing dealer serializing of receivers and many parts.

Note: All the Republicans are voting against this. We’re only focused on Democrat legislators.

Here’s what you can do to make your voice heard and make it very difficult for the D legislators to pass these bills:

Step 1: Find your Democrat legislators here: Write down the phone number and email address of the two WA State House Representatives, and the State Senator (not Federal).

For each of these bills you’re going to call and leave a very simple message “Please vote NO on bill ZZZZ.” That’s it. You don’t have to be super knowledgeable or have the perfect talking points.

And then you’re going to send an email for each of these bills, saying, “My name is First Last, and I live in your district at <address>. I urge you to vote NO on bill ZZZZ.”

5078 Magazine ban:

The Magazine ban is being heard in the House as early as Monday 2/28. You’re going to call your two representatives, and then follow up with an email. Again, all you have to do is ask him/her to vote NO on Bill 5078.

Below are some links to articles on the magazine ban if you’re interested in some details.

1630 Banning weapons in certain locations

This bill is being heard in the Senate. You’ll be calling and leaving a very simple message for your state Senator, as well sending an email.

Here is some excellent 1 minute testimony delivered during a recent hearing:

1705 Banning homemade firearms

This bill is being heard in the Senate, so you’ll be calling and emailing your Democrat state Senator with your simple message.

Here is some excellent testimony from a recent hearing in the Senate:

Thank you for all your help! This is SUPER valuable and critical in preserving our rights to defend our lives and our loved ones.

Remember, the LOUDER we are, the more effective we are.

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