Today, pro-2A advocates have again set a HUGE state record for the number of people signing in to oppose ESSB 5078, banning magazines over 10 rounds.

Below is a brilliant bit of data analysis created by Aaron Lyons with the Washington Civil Rights Association. Be aware, it takes a moment to load, but it is interactive and you can drill down into the data:

These advocates have shattered state records nearly every time the committees have held virtual hearings on anti-gun bills. The most recent record was ~5600 people signed in to discuss limiting Inslee’s emergency powers. Prior to that, we set the record for people opposing the hearing on SB 5217, and prior to that we set the record last session for people signing in opposed to the magazine ban.

Firearms owners of every ethnicity, education level, income level united to send a VERY powerful message to anti-gun legislators: We are united. We STRONGLY oppose this legislation. And we will do everything in our power to campaign for your opponents should you vote for this bill.

To watch the hearing, along with some amazing testimony from firearms owners who’re committed to protecting their rights to defend themselves and their loved ones, visit here:

Here are a couple of articles we’ve written on the magazine ban:

And a HUGE thank you to all those who’ve called their gun ranges, involved their gun stores, for the gun stores like Champion Arms in Kent who made it incredibly easy for people to exercise their right to oppose government overreach. And thank you to ALL those who’ve tirelessly shared the posts, instructions, and accurate information on this silly bill.

We win when we’re united. PLEASE join the conversation below!

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