Call/email your D Representatives RIGHT NOW and demand a NO VOTE ON SB 5078. Email/call the WEAKEST D Representatives TODAY!

The opposition just sent out an email and text begging the anti-gunners to call their reps and beg to pass the magazine ban bill, SB 5078. Let’s DROWN THEM OUT!

We need you to call your D Representatives ASAP because this bill WILL be heard today, probably at the last possible moment.

This is SUPER important. Your D Representatives HAVE to take your call and note your opposition. The weakest Ds don’t HAVE to listen, but they’ll know just how big of a risk their position is in November. They’re hoping we’ll forget. We assure you, we as gun owners will do everything in our power to vote them out if they pass this bill.

As we watch what is happening in Ukraine, what better way to spend our time than fighting to make sure that we’re not placed in the same situation they are by politicians serving their own agendas? The anti-gun politicians are advancing a malicious party agenda. We’re fighting to preserve our right to defend our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Law Enforcement has come out and said that this ban will NOT have any impact on crime at all.

As one of our panelists said in her testimony:

“The laws of the legislature are not the laws of the streets, and each step that this body takes to make it more difficult for myself and other women to obtain and keep their firearms only makes the jobs of the real criminal element easier.”

Autumn, Testimony on HB 1705

Email and Call

Note: All the Republicans are voting against this. We’re only focused on Democrat legislators.

Here’s what you can do to make your voice heard and make it very difficult for the D legislators to pass these bills:

Step 1: Find your Democrat Representatives here: Write down the phone number and email address of the two WA State House Representatives.

Step 2: Call/email your House Representative and require they vote NO on SB 5078 banning magazines

Call and leave a very simple message “Please vote NO on bill SB 5078.” That’s it. You don’t have to be super knowledgeable or have the perfect talking points.

Send an email to the same Representatives, saying, “My name is First Last, and I live in your district at <address>. I urge you to vote NO on bill SB 5078.”

You can read more about the magazine ban below.

Step 3: Email ALL THE WEAKEST D Representatives with a simple message

Subject: (create your own so they can’t easily delete all emails with the same message)

Body: My name is Joe Public. I urge you to vote NAY, DO NOT PASS on SB 5078. This is my single greatest issue. I will actively campaign against you and all legislators if you vote for this bill. I’ll go door to door, make calls, send texts, actively promote on social media, and contribute to any campaign running against you.

Feel free to add your own talking points from the article below if you wish, but the important part is SPEED. They need to get your note ASAP.

Here are the emails (put them in BCC field, as they’ll dismiss bulk email).;;;;;;;;

Dave Paul(360) 786 –
Alicia Rule(360)
Sharon Shewmake(360) 786 –
Brandy Donaghy(360)
April Berg(425)
Steve Tharinger(360) 786 –
Mike Chapman(360) 786 –
Dan Bronoske(360)
Mari Leavitt(360) 786 –

Step 4: Share this with three friends and ask them to do the same. We win if we’re all pitching in together!

We want every legislator to know that we’ll do everything in our power to help in the campaign against them if they vote for these bills.Your effort matters.

5078 Magazine ban:

ESSB 5078: Bans the purchase/sale/manufacture AND REPAIR of all magazines carrying greater than 10 rounds.

Note: All the Republicans are voting against this. We’re only focused on Democrat legislators.

Here is Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich saying that this will have NO effect whatsoever on crime:

The legislators KNOW this is unpopular

We TRIPLED the state record for people signing in to for remote testimony!

Below are some links to articles on the magazine ban if you’re interested in some details.

Thank you for all your help! This is SUPER valuable and critical in preserving our rights to defend our lives and our loved ones.

Remember, the LOUDER we are, the more effective we are.

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