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The Washington Civil Rights Association is aware that ESSB 5078 was passed by the state legislature limiting magazine capacities to ten rounds after July 1, 2022. This bill is in direct conflict with the State Constitution, however we expect that Governor Inslee will disregard his sworn oath of office and sign this bill into law.

The legislature failed to even acknowledge the outcry of a broadly diverse makeup of citizens throughout Washington. Nearly 15,000 people signed in as opposed to this bill during the House public testimony including those who are members of both major political parties, BIPOC, and LGBTQ. Not a single amendment was adopted, even one from Representative Harris-Talley (D) who gave courageous and passionate testimony on behalf of the constituents in her district. This resulted in her standing with those she represents and voting no on the bill. We applaud this courage.

The full effects of this bill are extensive and can be viewed here:

This bill’s passage is not the end of our fight; it’s just moving from the realm of the political to the arena of the legal. We will work closely and tirelessly to support legal challenges to this policy, adding to the legal challenges already awaiting the United States Supreme Court’s consideration.  When these prohibitions are finally taken up by the highest court, it is sure that they will be relegated to the dustbin of history.

In the meantime, our work in the political realm will not end; midterm elections are coming. We have taken careful note of who has upheld their oath of office to Article 1, Section 24 of our state Constitution. We have also noted who sought to erode our civil rights. Rest assured, we will make the public fully aware of the actions, both good and bad, that took place during the session. We take solace that the good people of this state will use that information when they vote in November.

The fight is not over, and the Washington Civil Rights Association will continue to fight for what’s yours. Your life, your loved ones, your rights. Stay tuned and stay sharp.