There are two bills currently on deck for the week of the 23rd. HB 1268 and HB 1230. Read more about these bills below and get signed in to log your position with the committees.

HB 1268 – Sentencing enhancements

This bill follows of the trend of the legislature to embolden criminals, and would reduce sentencing enhancements for violent offenders using firearms in the commissions of their crimes.

You can read the details of the bill here.

We are taking a “con” stance. Especially since there are sponsors of this bill who also sponsor HB 1130. Reducing the accountability of violent criminals while removing all liability protections from an industry simply does not make sense.

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HB 1268 – Concerning sentencing enhancements. (Remote Testimony Available). – Testify

HB 1230 – School websites/drug info.

This bill would require schools to provide educational information related to firearms (among other things) on their websites with data provided by the Washington Department of Health.

You can read the details of the bill here.

We are taking an “other” stance.

Largely we support education in firearms safety and unbiased statistics. We would likely take a pro stance on this bill if it weren’t for a decade + long streak of the state politicizing and demonizing firearms ownership. The data currently provided on the DOH’s website is neutral, and is the way we would prefer it to remain.

There is a fine line between education and indoctrination. We would prefer that this data is neutral serving the public good. We do not wish for this information to be slanted in any direction, whether pro-gun or anti-gun. We do not believe that this is the place to insert politics, debate, and other divisiveness.

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HB 1230 – Requiring school districts and other public education entities to make information from the department of health available. (Remote Testimony Available). – Testify