Email the the Civil Rights & Judiciary committee members today. They’re scheduled for an executive session on the following bills. Which means, they’re getting ready to send them to the floor for VOTE!

Tell them “DO NOT PASS” these bills out of committee. Let the courts do their work to resolve hundreds of lawsuits across the country, don’t bury the state in legal fees, don’t impair Washingtonians civil rights, don’t burden law enforcement with a worthless permit process (still have to do background checks), let them do their work and catch the criminal roaming our streets. Be polite, be professional, but be FIRM. But do it NOW! Don’t wait. Then, tell 2 friends, like and share this post everywhere.

HB-1178 – Repealing Preemption- making a patchwork of gun laws that changes city to city, county to county statewide. No uniformity, no consistency and a legal minefield for cities to defend these laws in court.

HB-1143/1144 – Permits to purchase, training, fees, an extra, identical background check, fingerprinting, delays to purchase any firearm. And no, you can’t cross the border to escape this regulation.

“No state may erroneously convert a secured liberty into privilege, and issue a license and a fee for that license” Shuttlesworth vs Birmingham, 1969 United State Supreme Court.

HB-1240 – Assault Weapons Ban. An EMERGENCY and Immediate ban on semi auto rifles, some pistols and shotguns. Driving thousands of jobs from Washington. Preventing people from moving here with any semi auto rifle. Does nothing to address criminal use of firearms, but bans the most commonly owned class of firearms in Amercia.

“Where constitutional rights are concerned, there can be no law or rule-making which would abrogate them.” ~ Miranda v Arizona, 1966, United States Supreme Court”

HB-1195 – Ban open carry in city and county parks. Creating a an overly broad “sensitive places” which has been struck down by the courts, but also eliminates hunting and hunting access statewide.

Cut and paste their emails here: